ORS Olive Oil – Curl Stretching Texturizer

For all hair types

ORS Olive Oil Curl Stretching Texturizer for 1 complete application.
For fine, medium and coarse hair.

Stretch, soften and nourish curls with exotic oils – Mediterranean Olive Oil for Moisture, Brazilian Pequi Oil for Smoothing&Nourishment, African Shea Oil for Softness, Egyptian Black Seed Oil for Strength.

Kit containing:
Curl Stretching Texturizer Creme 142g
Exoctic Oil Boost 7.4ml
Neutralizing Shampoo 44.4ml
Penetrating Hair Conditioner 29.6ml
Smooth Control Styling Gelée 29.6ml
Pair of Gloves
Mixing stick

Bestellnr. 001891
CHF 12.90